Seasickness Remedies

Yes, there is a cure, and it doesn't involve medication, drugs or long therapies...

Simple, isn't it ? But What is it ? 

Acupressure Wristbands

The idea of wristbands is from acupuncture: Blocking signals to the brain that causes seasickness. How does it works? It's a well designed wristband that use pressure on the wrist to block signals. 

The band is made of an elastic band with a small bead that is placed on the wrist providing a Acupressure point. It works to prevent Seasickness. It also is prescribed by doctors to pregnant females to prevent morning sickness.

This proven solution already saved many sail trips from disaster. Even some very experiences sailors used wristbands for 20 years and finds it very effective.

A short story involves two children on a trip from Dunkirk to Buffalo Ohio on Lake Erie in five foot waves. Both children were getting sick and Bands were placed on their wrists. In Thirty minutes they were down below playing board games on the floor.

No more explanation, there is no much to loose with testing it, especially at such low price ! 

Buy now your chemical free alternative to anti-nausea medications. 



...and say good by to the sickness nightmares of yourself, your crew of your guests! 




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